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At Longevity & Healthy Living Center we enjoy helping people like yourself, develop a lifestyle plan that you can enjoy following, as it improves your health in all aspects while preventing negative health issues.

Dr. Mayer is a specially trained integrative physician that can develop a customized program for you based on your health needs, utilizing the latest evidence based medicine approach.

Dr. Mayer enjoys making patients healthy from the inside out, whether it involves complex unresolved health issues or weight loss challenges. He accomplishes this though individualized testing and treatment planning.

At Longevity & Healthy Living Center, every patient receives a customized program specifically designed for their individual needs.

Dr. Mayer and his very talented staff provide a potpourri of options to achieve optimal health in a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you are facing a medical challenge or want to insure that the good health you are currently experiencing continues-this is the place to be.